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Payments In-Person

Payments can be made by in-person at our main office during regular business hours. 

(MON - FRI, 9AM to 6PM CST).

1140 W LAKE ST STE 202
OAK PARK, IL 60301-1050


 There is a convenience fee to pay by ACH/Electronic Check or Credit/Debit Card: 

  • For ACH/Electronic Check Payment, the fee is $15.00
  • For Credit/Debit Card Payments, the fee is the greater of $15, or 3% of the payment amount (for payments over $500)
  • There is a separate fee for each payment transaction (that is, per account and/or per method of payment).  For example, if you are paying on 2 separate accounts with 1 card, or splitting a payment on 1 account across 2 different debit cards, there will be 2 separate convenience fees charged since it constitutes 2 separate payment transactions.

Additional provisions when making payment in-person:

  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH.  (There is a Citibank across the street and several other banks in the surrounding area, as well as a 7-Eleven convenience store a few blocks away, which could convert cash into a money order for you).
  • If driving, there is a village-owned parking garage behind our office building.  Parking is free for the first hour.  Enter through Marion or Ontario St, and park on the 3rd floor by 3W stairwell (closest to Harlem).  There is a flyover bridge connecting the 3W stairwell to the rear entrance of our building.  Proceed straight down hallway to 1140 (Oak Leaves Building).  Dial 202 at intercom and we will buzz you in during business hours.
  • By public transportation: CTA Green Line (Harlem Stop) or Metra/Union Pacific West (Oak Park Stop):  We are 1 block north of the train station at Lake/Harlem.  CTA Blue Line (Harlem Stop): take Pace 307 North to Harlem.  Pace bus routes 307, 318, 309, 313 and CTA route 90: Harlem/Lake stop.  1140 (Oak Leaves Building) is next to Nando's restaurant, across from Pier 1, Old Navy, GAP, and Target.  Dial 202 at intercom and we will buzz you in during business hours.